Welcome to The New Gold River Blog

village of gold river on vancouver island british columbia canadaHello everyone and welcome to the new blog on our site!  We hope you will enjoy the articles and posts here about everything pertinent to our area and lifestyles.  We will strive to make everything as interesting and valuable as we can.

Blogging is a another way to get your presence out into the world wide web for all to see.  There are literally millions of blogs in the wild which provide a wealth of information on a wide range of topics for all ages.

Some are profitable business models others are for informative purposes.  Either way, blogging is so mainstream that it has become a regular pastime for web browsers to bookmark their favorite blogs and refer back to them on a frequent basis.

By providing quality and unique content in this blog we will also be gaining exposure and driving traffic to the website from all parts of the world.  This is a good thing for everyone involved in the process as it provides excellent search engine optimization (seo) results to all the outbound links on this site.

This means that everyone who guest posts, members who have links to their business from this site, paid advertisers on this site etc. will benefit from the seo juice that is created and passed along the chain.

It is our hope that some of you will also be interested in guest posting to the blog following our guidelines for content.  We are currently working hard to define those guidelines as we speak and will let you know when we are ready to accept guest posting in the not too distant future.

If there is something that you would like to see us blog about in the future, use our contact form and provide us with your ideas or suggestions.  We will strive to write about the idea or suggestion if it fits in with our format on this blog.

The Gold River/Nootka Sound area is full of various activities, adventures, businesses, fauna, flora, history, personalities, and more so there should be no end to what we can write about to promote the area and the businesses that function here.

If you have any opinions or comments about the blog or individual articles posted please don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below each post and someone will respond.  Enjoy!



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