Thursday March 18th @7pm
All Members Welcome!

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Due to Covid-19 Safety Protocols we will be hosting a
Zoom meeting for this year’s AGM.

Immediately following our AGM, we will have a zoom General Membership
Meeting which you are also invited to attend.

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BC Chamber Network Launches Building Resilience to Thrive Program

gold river chamber of commerce business resilience courses
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Developed in partnership with UVIC’s Gustavson School of Business, the 6-week online program will help Small or Medium Enterprises’ (SME’s) stay viable and adapt to compete in the future

Gold River December 24, 2020 – Today, the Building Resilience to Thrive program, powered by the BC Chamber of Commerce network and UVIC’s Gustavson School of Business, launched to businesses across the province. Offered as a COVID-19 recovery certificate, the 6-week program, delivered by award-winning professors Dr. Mark Colgate and Prof. Brian Leacock, will be presented in three cohorts between November and March 2021. Continue reading “BC Chamber Network Launches Building Resilience to Thrive Program”

Mountain Biking The Gold River Trails

mountain biking in Gold RiverQuite a number of years ago some locals in Gold River decided they would build some mountain biking trails in the Scout Lake area to practice and hone their skills. The project took on a life of its own and a decade or more later some of the trails still exist.

As of this writing (2016), most of the trails still exist with the exception of the northern portions due to recent logging that took place a few years back. Those trails were left alone and have now become overgrown but still accessible for those who like a challenge. Continue reading “Mountain Biking The Gold River Trails”

Bottom Fishing For Halibut in Nootka Sound

Halibut Fishing in Nootka SoundOne of the few fisheries that doesn’t get the exposure it deserves in Nootka Sound is the fishery for bottom fish.  This fishery is very popular among the locals and those regulars who visit the Nootka Sound area every year. Bottom fishing for halibut in Nootka Sound is just one of the many bottom fishing opportunities that exist.

Halibut is the favorite species of bottom fish to target and most anglers seek them out when the salmon aren’t biting during the summer months.  Although the halibut fishery is managed by Fisheries and Oceans Canada, it is really controlled by the Pacific Halibut Commission who is a commercial entity set up to protect the commercial fishery. Continue reading “Bottom Fishing For Halibut in Nootka Sound”