Businesses of Gold River

The Gold River Chamber’s members are an diverse mix of professionals.

Wanting to make the most of an enjoyable visit with us here in Gold River, at the heart of Vancouver Island, our businesses are always interested in accommodating you and your group’s needs. Fluctuating their hours of operation and work schedules is easily done. It’s just a matter of planning ahead and contacting the required Gold River businesses well in advance to accommodate your specific needs.

The businesses in Gold River are pleased to offer you their services and do not want to miss the opportunity to provide you with a positive experience in our community. If you are wanting an early morning breakfast or a late evening dinner please contact us and we will do our best to serve you.

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Settle in and make yourself comfortable in hotel suites, B&Bs and housing rentals.

Cottage Industries

Local family member based businesses that provide distinct, unique, quality products and services.

Health And Wellness

Local Beauty Spa’s along with other health and wellness based businesses.

Professional Services

Whether you need a helping hand or the upper hand, Gold River’s professional services are here to help.

Real Estate & Construction

Anything you need regarding housing in Gold River, these businesses will get you there.

Resource Industries

Gold River’s main sources of employment

Restaurant, Food & Beverage

Gold River’s restaurants serve up fresh tastes, certain to please each and every taste bud.

Shopping & Retail

Gold River will give you what you need!

Tourism & Recreation

The beauty of it all! We’re happy to provide you an experience you won’t soon forget