Mountain Biking The Gold River Trails

mountain biking in Gold RiverQuite a number of years ago some locals in Gold River decided they would build some mountain biking trails in the Scout Lake area to practice and hone their skills. The project took on a life of its own and a decade or more later some of the trails still exist.

As of this writing (2016), most of the trails still exist with the exception of the northern portions due to recent logging that took place a few years back. Those trails were left alone and have now become overgrown but still accessible for those who like a challenge. Continue reading “Mountain Biking The Gold River Trails”

Bottom Fishing For Halibut in Nootka Sound

Halibut Fishing in Nootka SoundOne of the few fisheries that doesn’t get the exposure it deserves in Nootka Sound is the fishery for bottom fish.  This fishery is very popular among the locals and those regulars who visit the Nootka Sound area every year. Bottom fishing for halibut in Nootka Sound is just one of the many bottom fishing opportunities that exist.

Halibut is the favorite species of bottom fish to target and most anglers seek them out when the salmon aren’t biting during the summer months.  Although the halibut fishery is managed by Fisheries and Oceans Canada, it is really controlled by the Pacific Halibut Commission who is a commercial entity set up to protect the commercial fishery. Continue reading “Bottom Fishing For Halibut in Nootka Sound”

Saltwater Fishing in Nootka Sound

saltwater fishing in nootka soundOne of the most valuable assets in Nootka Sound is the saltwater fishing that exists today and has existed for decades.  Due in large part to the hatchery systems in place in Gold River and Tahsis the fishery is one of the best on Vancouver Island.

Every year thousands of anglers converge on Nootka Sound to partake in a salmon fishery that is renown for its abundance of 20 lb plus salmon.  All five species exist in the sound with Chinook and Coho the most predominately sought after trophy fish.

Salmon fishing starts in mid May and runs into late September and sometimes into early October depending on the weather patterns that exist at that time. The peak of the salmon run is from mid July to mid September. Continue reading “Saltwater Fishing in Nootka Sound”

Freshwater Fishing in Nootka Sound

Fiishing for steelhead on the conuma river
Fishing The Conuma River

Anyone who knows fishing, knows that Nootka Sound is a fishing mecca both for freshwater and saltwater species.  Every year thousands of anglers converge on Nootka Sound to try their luck and skills to land or catch and release a trophy fish.

This article will focus on the freshwater adventures available in Nootka Sound specifically in the general area of Gold River and Strathcona Park.

It starts in the winter months of December through March when the brave will venture out here in search of the mighty Steelhead.  All the local rivers provide excellent Steelhead fishing opportunities for those who will dress warm enough and don their waders or jump into the belly boat.

Continue reading “Freshwater Fishing in Nootka Sound”

Caving for Spelunkers in Historic Nootka Sound

caving and spelunking in nootka sound
Photo Courtesy of Randy Brochu

Caves are some of the worlds most spectacular creations and are visited by thousands of spelunkers every year.  The attraction seems to be the challenge of crawling around underground and seeing an ecology that very few species on earth get to witness.

Combine that with some of the most beautiful and captivating photography opportunities and you have the perfect backdrop for an adventure of a lifetime.

Cave exploration has been done by scientists and cavers for hundreds of years.  Speleology is the term given to natural cave exploration for science. Today there are organized groups all across Canada. Continue reading “Caving for Spelunkers in Historic Nootka Sound”

Camping in Gold River

View of valley from Crest MountainAs an avid outdoors man one of the things I enjoy doing the most is camping. Living in Gold River affords me the opportunity to do as much camping as I like due to the number of places to do it. There are many lakes and rivers in the area where one can hike in and set up camp. There are also a lot of places where you can drive to with your motor home or camper.

During the peak summer months some campgrounds cost money to stay at and others are still free but limited as to how many spots are open. Regardless the ones that cost are reasonable and well maintained so sometimes the added cost is worth the effort.

There are places to camp on the ocean also that provide excellent amenities and boat access. The downside is that you will have to travel a little further outside of Gold River to get to them. Once you are there however you will be impressed with all they have to offer. Continue reading “Camping in Gold River”