Freshwater Fishing in Nootka Sound

Fiishing for steelhead on the conuma river
Fishing The Conuma River

Anyone who knows fishing, knows that Nootka Sound is a fishing mecca both for freshwater and saltwater species.  Every year thousands of anglers converge on Nootka Sound to try their luck and skills to land or catch and release a trophy fish.

This article will focus on the freshwater adventures available in Nootka Sound specifically in the general area of Gold River and Strathcona Park.

It starts in the winter months of December through March when the brave will venture out here in search of the mighty Steelhead.  All the local rivers provide excellent Steelhead fishing opportunities for those who will dress warm enough and don their waders or jump into the belly boat.

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Caving for Spelunkers in Historic Nootka Sound

caving and spelunking in nootka sound
Photo Courtesy of Randy Brochu

Caves are some of the worlds most spectacular creations and are visited by thousands of spelunkers every year.  The attraction seems to be the challenge of crawling around underground and seeing an ecology that very few species on earth get to witness.

Combine that with some of the most beautiful and captivating photography opportunities and you have the perfect backdrop for an adventure of a lifetime.

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