Bottom Fishing For Halibut in Nootka Sound

Halibut Fishing in Nootka SoundOne of the few fisheries that doesn’t get the exposure it deserves in Nootka Sound is the fishery for bottom fish.  This fishery is very popular among the locals and those regulars who visit the Nootka Sound area every year. Bottom fishing for halibut in Nootka Sound is just one of the many bottom fishing opportunities that exist.

Halibut is the favorite species of bottom fish to target and most anglers seek them out when the salmon aren’t biting during the summer months.  Although the halibut fishery is managed by Fisheries and Oceans Canada, it is really controlled by the Pacific Halibut Commission who is a commercial entity set up to protect the commercial fishery. Continue reading “Bottom Fishing For Halibut in Nootka Sound”