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Upcoming News And Events For 2018

Gold River Chamber of Commerce (grcoc) News and Events

gold river chamber of commerce - sign promtionWe are working on wooden signs to put in the Vault windows. Each sign (7”x18” finished/hand-painted/stained pine boards with your business name and logo) will represent our members.

That’s over 40 signs!  We are looking for a logo or trademark from each of you. If you would rather send your business name and logo via email please do so.

For Gold River Days (Aug 24-26) this year, the GRCOC is in charge of organizing the Parade (Saturday Aug 25) which is themed this year as ‘Logging’. We hope that you will be able to partake in this event with your community spirit and imagination in your design!

Advertising will start next week around the community and via The GR Buzz, GR Community Events (Facebook) and such.

The GRCOC is also hosting a ‘Go-Kart’ event and this year we are hoping for even more participation than last year! We have purchased 6 ‘Go-Kits’ (buy in multiples and get a better price!) and will be putting them together with a group of kids and adults next week at the Vault on Tuesday evening at 6pm.

We will be painting fast, racing colours on all them after the building is done at a later date and we will also be painting on all the ‘Sponsor’ (GRCOC member) logos on them as well, so please send in your logos, trademarks, river chamber of commerce - soap box car before

The Gold River Days fund is splitting the cost of purchasing and building these fun karts so the cost was minimal! It’s all about community spirit and participation so let’s make the 2018 Gold River Days one to remember!

Oh yes! one more thing the GRCOC is doing another community calendar. Posters were put up this week and info placed on social media. We are looking for local and community area photos and if you would like your business card put in to advertise and support (it’s free!) just send your jpeg file to our Photos Department.


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