gold river chamber of commerce follow the five contest

Follow The Five

The Gold River Chamber of Commerce will be tracking this five dollar bill around Gold River over the next few months. Our goal is to see how many of our local businesses will get this $5 bill going through their cash registers.

In Gold River, we all win when we shop locally and support each others businesses. By accepting this bill with your change, you are making a commitment to spend this $5 at another local business in Gold River. We just ask that you document the date and name of the business when you do.

If you don not wish to participate in this fun contest, please do not accept the bill with your change. Ask for another $5 instead so someone else can continue with the progression of the contest. Thanks for your support!

Update: Congratulations to the winners of the “Follow the Five” contest!!

Vicki Lawrence $25
Mary Carter $50
Marla Ridinger $100

2 thoughts on “Follow The Five

    1. Hi Marcel, the relation to “gold” is because of the color of the water during heavy rain events. There are panable rivers in the Nootka Sound area. Not sure how lucrative it is but there are a few doing it.

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