Medical Services

Gold River Health Clinic

601 Trumpeter Drive
Phone: 250-283-2626
Fax: 250-283-7561
For urgent care after hours: pager 250-830-1373
Regular Hours are Monday to Friday 8:30-5
Our nurses have taken special training that allows them to assess and assist the client while waiting for the doctor or in the absence of a doctor.
In an emergency the nurse may start IV fluids or give medications before the patient is transported to the hospital.

Public Health

601 Trumpeter Drive
Phone: 250-283-2626
Public Health Nursing provides health promotion, disease prevention,
intervention and support services to women, children, youth and families living
in the Capital Region. Services are provided to individuals, families, groups
and communities in homes, schools, health units and community settings.

Mental Health

601 Trumpeter Drive
Phone: 250-283-7666