Community Hiking Trails

Peppercorn Trail
You can access the trail from Dogwood Drive or from the bridge on Muchalaht Drive across from the highschool. It is a 1km trail that runs adjacent to the Gold River.
Heber River Trail
There is a short trail running from the south side of Muchalaht Drive bridge that rounds the junction of the two rivers behind the high school, and continues up the Heber River as far as the foot bridge.
Another short trail runs along the edge of the Heber River Canyon. You can access the trail from the Ucona Road bridge(lower Heber bridge) or the Matchlee Drive bridge(upper Heber bridge. There are nice scenic views all along the river.
Forest Walk
Access is above Ray Watkins Elementary School. It is a 1.2 km interpretive trail with nine stops of interest, introducing you to an old growth forest and to several management practices. This trail connects with the Scout Lake Trail
Scout Lake Trail
Access can be made from the Forest walk at Ray Watkins Elementary School or from the Scout Lake road. This 2 km trail comes up to the western shore of Scout Lake.
The lake is home to many creatures including frogs and tadpoles, salamanders and a number of beaver. A beaver lodge in the centre of the lake is a great attraction for children and a adults alike.
Antler Lake Trail & Recreation Area
Access to this trail can be made from E7(Antler Lake road) just prior to reaching the lake or off the left of the road, just past the second picnic site. The trail is a loop that winds around the lake and back to the road  and across it, then up to the Scout Lake turn off and back down to the pullout where you parked.  Follow the blue dots on the trees for direction.

This lake hosts two picnic sites with toilets, tables and fire rings. There is a short trail that connects both sites. A number of walking and biking trails crisscross the area between and around Antler & Scout Lakes. They showcase some of the best examples of what the area’s forests have to offer.
Star Lake Recreation Area
A trail going around Star Lake is accessed from Ucona Road, just prior to the lake, or from the picnic site itself. The day use area has toilets, picnic tables and fire rings, as well as a small floating dock for swimming or boating.